About Us

by Richard

ecen is an app that connects service providers to people with a common nationality in their adopted country.

It’s the “yellow pages” for all people living in an adopted country who seek to find and do business with people from their homeland.

A platform dedicated to increasing the visibility of service providers in their adopted country makes them more easily accessible to people from their homeland, hence providing a receptive niche market.

This is based on our belief that people living in an adopted country have a natural affinity to those with a shared nationality and therefore will be more comfortable doing business together based on their language and cultural similarities. Multiple language options ensure smooth navigation of the app, resulting in both ease and efficiency for users worldwide.

This Miami based company facilitates mutually beneficial connections among those with a shared nationality.

The founders of ecen, André Foote, Richard Robinson and Chris Dehring, have all had unique experiences living in an adopted country where they wanted to find service providers from their homeland without success. It is this need that led them to create ecen, an app that would allow them to find their people.